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Welcome to XELOPES Data Mining library!

ZSoft Ltd creates enterprise-scale solutions for Data Mining and information retrieval systems. Now we are glad to tell you that the first version of our new Data Mining library XELOPES is ready for downloading.

The XELOPES library is an open platform-independent and data-source-independent library for Embedded Data Mining. It was developed in cooperation with Prudential Systems Software GmbH (Prudsys). XELOPES is CWM-compatible and supports the relevant Data Mining standards.

XELOPES provides a universal framework to automate Data Mining processes and to introduce the power of Data Mining in each data analysis application regardless the used programming language (Java, C++, C#), platform and data source.

XELOPES provides a platform for Embeded Data Mining solutionsXELOPES was developed in full conformity with the OMG's Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) standard.

To answer these purposes today and in the future, we strictly follow the MDA (Model Driven Architecture) approach of the OMG.

The MDA is a new way of writing specifications and developing applications, based on a platform-independent model (PIM). A complete MDA specification consists of a definitive platform-independent base UML model, plus one or more platform-specific models (PSM) and interface definition sets, each describing how the base model is implemented on a different middleware platform. A complete MDA application consists of a definitive PIM, plus one or more PSMs and complete implementations, one on each platform that the application developer decides to support.

MDA development focuses first on the functionality and behaviour of an application or system, undistorted by idiosyncrasies of the technology or technologies in which it will be implemented. MDA divorces implementation details from business functions. Thus, it is not necessary to repeat the process of modelling an application or system's functionality and behaviour each time a new technology comes along. With MDA, functionality and behaviour are modelled once and only once.

To satisfy these demands, the XELOPES Kernel is defined through UML as CWM extension and was documented comprehensively (for a clear view of the CWM and how XELOPES extends CWM see the UML schemes section). According to the MDA specification, this kernel forms the Platform-Independent Model (PIM). From that, via mappings, various Platform-Specific Models (PSMs) were derived and implemented. At present, there are PSMs for Java, C++ and CORBA as well as the PMML XML-standard. The PSMs are also documented comprehensively.
Let us to consider PMML in more detail. On the one hand, PMML is merely a further PSM. However, on the other hand, PMML plays the leading part in the XELOPES architecture as internal serializable format. It allows XELOPES users to exchange Mining models between compliant applications. In other words, users can develop models within XELOPES application, and use other applications to visualize, analyze, evaluate or otherwise use the models and vice versa.

The resulting XELOPES can be considered as the first truly universal Data Mining library in the world.

Yours sincerely,
ZSoft Chief Executive: Dr. Armenak Barsegian

and ZSoft development team.

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